Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Top 10 Gins that every enthusiast needs to try

Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to try a great many Gins from all corners of the planet using all the different distillation methods under the sun, from simple to next level crazy botanicals from 4 ingredients to 47........... you get the idea.

I thought it might be time to share with you some of the really exciting Gins that are out there. There are so many great Gins available at the moment some more traditional Juniper driven and others are pushing these boundaries into new and exciting territory to me each has its place and is equally as exciting for the future of Gin.

So in no particular order here is a list of Gins that I highly recommend that you grab a bottle of if you get the opportunity. I say if you get the opportunity because many of these will not be readily available for those of you in Australia/NZ so don't miss your opportunity if you are heading overseas or can get a friend to bring one back with them. That is how we have accumulated many of our more exciting bottles.
If you like the pine elements of Juniper this is the gin for you. Inspired by their local forest and parklands Terroir gin literally tastes like a pine forest in your glass. Making use of roasted Corriander, California Bay Laurel and Douglas Fir.

A delicious spice driven gin from Belgium with a tasty cardamom driven flavour profile. Inspired by a legendary alchemist Mr. Copperhead who in his search for the elixir of life created gin in a copper pot still. I think perhaps elixir of life is quite accurate in this case!

A new discovery for us thanks to the Ginvent Calendar. Pothecary Gin is distilled in the UK and is a floral yet savory stylep Gin with a big lavender punch upfront and some delicious rosemary/thyme like flavours in the finish. Pothecary distill all their botanicals seperately which helps provide optimum flavour and quality.

This Gin has quickly gained a bit of a cult following amongst Gin aficionados thanks to its signature 47 botanical flavour profile. A German produced Gin with flavours of the black forest. Monkey 47 has a very long complex flavour profile herbal and citrus if you haven't tried this one I recommend getting a bottle asap and start by pouring some out over ice no mixer necessary!

The second American Gin on this list is another big flavour Gin, this one will be a favourite with all you cucumber fans. Big botanical earthy and refreshing! Inspired by Uncle Vals love of gardening and native Tuscan quisine.

More of a traditional style Gin but big on flavour no surprises there given it is a navy strength. Tarquins navy has beautifully integrated flavours and of course a Juniper dominant profile. Tarquins use a one shot distillation method to give them their ultimate flavour. Also another Ginvent calendar discovery.

Pepper corn and Vanilla who would have known these 2 things would work so well! Audemus is a French Gin that is created using a reduced pressure distillation method. Yet another Ginvent calendar discovery cant recommend these calendars enough!

Another more traditional style Gin but one with a beautiful depth of complexity in its Juniper forward pallet. Made in the Rhine region of Germany with 18 botanicals including linden blooms.

This is a big one out of Australia with a solid 63% alcohol content you need to be careful. As would be expected big flavours of Juniper and citrus also with some tasty savoury notes. West winds are well renowned for there innovative flavours and techniques in Australia.

Another German gin this one is made using riesling and you can really taste it in the flavour profile. This is another big flavour with plenty of big floral notes. The Reisling Grapes are picked from the steep shale slopes of the Zilliken estate in the Saar region.

So there you have it 10 Gins that you absolutely need to try. 3 are Germans, 2 Americans, 2 UK, 1 Belgium, 1 French and 1 Australian. 2 with classic flavour profiles and 8 with more unorthodox flavour profiles and even 2 navy strength Gins.

Note: please try them neat first!

As I have mentioned in the past I would highly recommend that that you give all of these Gins a try neat or with a small cube of ice if you prefer and ideally grab one or two of your other favourite Gins to try side by side so you can create a frame of reference.

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