Wednesday, 29 March 2017

10 fun things that every NZ Gin lover needs to know

  1. There are now 30 Gins made in New Zealand and counting as new distilleries come on line in locations all over New Zealand like Takaka, Auckland, Christchurch and Martinborough. Gins of New Zealand List.
  2. World Gin day is on June the 10th this year keep an eye out for some fun events closer to this time! 

  3. New Zealand is the only country in the world in which it is legal to distill your own spirits at home (For personal consumption) and we celebrate this by holding a home distilling competition every year.
  4. New Zealand is home to some unique botanicals that taste amazing in Gin and can't be found anywhere else in the world like Kawakawa, Horopito and Manuka.
    KawaKawa Leaves
  5. Craft Distileries in New Zealand make there Gin by hand in batches as small as 60 litres often using stills that they made by hand, by comparison big brands make many hundreds of thousands of litres per batch. 
    Copper Pot Still
  6. NZ Craft Gin is made by distilling the flavours of natural herbs/plants/fruits as opposed to adding artificial flavours like some of the big brands do to cut down on costs and time. What makes a Gin Craft .
    Gin Botanicals
  7. You can now buy a Gin is the new IPA T-shirt. In the past years IPA (India Pale Ale) has been the quickest growing beverage in town. Gin has an even wider array of flavours than IPA and it can offer an even bigger flavour hit than IPA. You can even get a t-shirt to display your ginlove!
    Gin is the New IPA Tshirt available at
  8. Gin must contain Juniper to be called Gin but apart from that distillers can add just about anything making Gin the most versatile spirit in the wolrd. Take a Botanical Adventure .
    Juniper Berries
  9. Gin goes great in food particularly in things like cream, moose and jelly but there are plenty of other great ways to use this Juniper flavoured spirit. Gin and Food Blog .
    Gin flavoured Ice Cream
  10. Many main centers in NZ now have atleast one great place to go and try new Gins. Here is a quick list of some of them:
      a) Auckland: The Gin Room
      b) Christchurch: Whet Drinking Room
      c) Dunedin: Zanzibar
      d) Nelson: Cod & Lobster
      e) Wellington: Hawthorn Lounge 
      f) Tauranga: Nomad Food and Wine
      The Gin Room in Vulcan Lane 


  1. You can add Nomad Food and Wine in Tauranga to your list of great gin bars. They have nearly 100 gins on the back bar and a couple of bar tenders with experience working in the Gin Palace in Melbourne...